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Honolulu Hot Dog is revolutionizing this All-American Classic with a unique blend of our own hand made Pineapple Bacon Sausage, Mango Chicken Sausage, and Hawaiian All Beef, beautifully married with mouthwatering fresh fruit relish, and hand crafted hearth-baked Hawaiian Sweet Bread that is then fresh toasted over a heated spike instead of slitting.  This pocket of deliciousness makes it easy to eat this food while strolling around the park.


The key element that separates a Honolulu Hot Dog from any other "Hawaiian-Style hotdog" is our own artisan hand-crafted meats.  Our signature Pineapple Bacon Sausage combines the best of Hawaii in a single explosion of flavor - Like a Luau in your mouth!  Our custom Mango Chicken and Hawaiian All-Beef can also only be found at one of our locations.  Other companies who are going "Hawaiian style" use uninspiring commercially available meats.


Since the hot dog was invented back in 1804 by Johann George Lahner in Vienna, Austria; people around the world have been coming up with some crazy toppings like octopus, red cabbage, salsa to the more common like ketchup and mustard.


The fresh tropical fruit toppings were introduced by many cultures over the years, but popularized in Hawaii over the past decade.  We have taken extra steps to locally produce our fruit relishes, leading to the most robust flavors.


Besides our bread’s near "donut like" taste and texture, the bun is toasted with a heated spike, make a warm, crunchy pocket with which to fill with choice of custom meat and fresh fruit toppings.  Making it easy to enjoy on the go...


This concept of the dog being "IN" the bun instead of "ON" it hails from Prague in the Czech Republic and could possibly be the original way dogs were mated with buns.  It continues to be the most popular serving style throughout Europe and especially in Scandinavian countries.


As you can see, the hot dog has had a long evolutionary story that we feel has culminated into this pinnacle product - The Honolulu Hot Dog!  More importantly, we commit this day and everyday to continue to be creative and constantly innovate our food and dining experience to always keep you coming back for more.


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